Program for årsmøtet i nettverket 6.juni ved UIB

Program 5.juni: Skriveseminar, VilVite, Thormøhlens gate 51

11.00- 12.00: Lunsj

12.00- 16.00: Skriveseminar

19.00: Middag på Bjerck, Torgallmenningen 1A

Program 6.juni: Årsmøte, VilVite, Thormøhlens gate 51

09.00- 10.00: Kaffe og registrering

10.00- 12.00: Årsmøte

12.00- 13.00: Lunsj

13.00- 14.00:

Marie van der Kloet (Førsteamanuensis, UPED, IPED) & Gabriela Wale Soto (Stipendiat, UPED, IPED)

Title: Equity, Accessibility and Inclusive Teaching in University Pedagogy  

Abstract: This presentation focuses on representation and expertise in university pedagogy with the goal of thinking through how to develop equity, accessibility and inclusive teaching in our courses/programs and in the field of academic development. Participants will start by considering some reflective, critical questions about their programs. Then, presenters will discuss some observations and challenges the UiB university pedagogy has experienced with developing courses on equity and accessibility. Finally, there is time for consideration of systemic barriers to change and identifying concrete next steps for development of inclusive teaching in our institutions.   

14.00- 14.30: Pause 

14.30- 15.15:

Robert Gray (Førsteamanuensis, UPED, IPED) & Robert Kordts (Førsteamanuensis, UPED, IPED):  

Title: University Pedagogy at the University of Bergen: Challenges and Developments 

Abstract: Due to changed expectations and context, the university pedagogy (UPED) program at UiB has undergone a revision in 2020-21. In this presentation, we will share some of the program’s changes, including its revised structure, staff and extensions such as the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TeLEd) research group. The presentation will also include current challenges we face at UiB’s UPED program.

15.15:15.30: Avslutning