Kurs ved NTNU 7. og 8. november: Higher Education: Past – Present – Future

Academia changes – it always has. The changes that we experience today have fostered higher education researchers to critically question the consequences for organization, imagination and implementation of teaching and learning practices, societal aims and impact, as well as the very underlying principles of higher education. Are higher education institutions still recognizable as academic institutions? How valid are the historical, e.g. the Humboldtian, models of higher education? What understanding of knowledge is promoted through higher education practices? What kind of society is higher education contributing to? In this PhD course we aim to address key perspectives on ideas and practices of higher education in past, present and future. This means research perspectives that both ask what the university is for and in what ways we imagine a future for the university (or not), as well as research perspectives that address the actual practices of educating at universities. In this course we bring in national and international scholars and their ongoing research, and the specific topics which will be announced in the program each semester. 

Registration: by 20 October 2022. You apply via Søknadsweb

The course will be conducted over two days, including lectures, seminars and discussions. The first day of the course will be an open, lecture-based seminar, inviting a broader audience. The second day of the seminar will focus on the work of the PhD researchers, with feedback and discussion of their draft papers/blogs submitted before the course. The course will be taught in English.

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