Position as professor of Educational Sciences specialising in research on higher education at Lund University

Educational Sciences at Lund University

The Department of Educational Sciences was established in 2011 within the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. Its responsibilities include the secondary school subject teacher training programme (both cohesive and supplementary teacher education, KPU) and the graduate school in educational sciences at Lund University. Since 2016, the Department also comprises the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU). AHU has a university-wide remit to conduct educational development work through training in teaching and learning in higher education for teaching staff and research supervisors, development projects in collaboration with various parts of the University, and research.

The department’s research activities cover the history of education, the sociology of schools, school and education research, the teaching profession, subject didactics and research in higher education. Higher education as a research field is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature and relationships and interactions between the micro, meso and macro levels as well as change processes are of particular interest. AHU’s research covers academic teaching and educational expertise, discourses on academic teaching staff and higher education, organisational development in higher education, educational leadership and the conditions for learning and supervision in research studies. Within the latter two subjects, AHU is a national leader and internationally recognised. At present, three of the department’s twelve doctoral students are working in the field of higher education and the staff at AHU also supervises doctoral students admitted to other higher education institutions.


The position includes conducting research, leading research collaborations both within the department and with external researchers, nationally and internationally, developing research applications individually and on behalf of the department, actively participating in the department’s joint research activities and supervising doctoral students. Furthermore, the holder of the position is to contribute to AHU’s training in teaching and learning in higher education and to teaching in the first, second and third cycles as well as to take part in educational development work. Administrative duties are also included in the position and the applicant should be prepared to take on academic leadership assignments as necessary.

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